Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is an entire channel of marketing that involves any face-to-face or offline effort to raise brand awareness, create and nurture business opportunities and develop long-term customer loyalty. It is an essential part of the 360 omnichannel experience, in both an individual capacity (activations) and a collective one (the sum of those activations).

What is a Brand Activation?

A brand or marketing activation is the execution of campaigns, events, and experiences that generate awareness of your brand. Done well, marketing activation resonates with your audience. The activation process focuses on enhancing the path to purchase for customers, often through an interactive experience.

Hybrid Experiences. URL + IRL

We believe that the future is hybrid. The best experiential marketing activations are hybrid, both digital and in real life.

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Our experience in creating immersive experiences since 2014 will give you the right insights to create the best spatial experiences.

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